Is The Lovers a Yes or No Card? - Tarot Meanings

The Lovers Card is always a fascinating card to pull.

It is even more interesting when you pull it for love-related questions.

The card isn't simply about romantic relationships but has a lot to say about other questions, such as your relationship with others and yourself.

There is so much to uncover to answer different types of questions. You will learn from insightful interpretations.


The Lovers Upright: Yes or No?

Generally, the Love Tarot Card is "Yes".

It signifies strong bonds in relationships and an extraordinary sense of romance.

Furthermore, it hints you to make a specific choice in a situation you will soon encounter. It is a time to reconnect to yourself once again and know what your heart truly feels.

From this, you'll be able to make sound decisions that will fulfill your happiness without causing pain to the people around you. 


The Lovers Reversed: Yes or No?

The Lovers Card in reverse position is a "NO'.

It symbolises imbalance not just in love and relationship but also in your thoughts. If you are in a relationship, it seems there is disharmony between you and your partner.

Some struggles and misunderstandings result in arguments. Lack of trust also worsens the imbalance in the relationship. The Lovers Card reminds you to reconnect with your inner self and clear negativities blocking your energy.

The reversed Lovers Card as a "NO" also reminds us of inner conflict. It is a time to focus on yourself, figure out your issues, manage relationships, and know what's more important. 


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