The Lovers Tarot card: Its Meaning for Your Future, Feelings & More

The Lovers Tarot card represents love, harmony, and utmost connection.

However, it is not limited to romantic relationships but also your relationship with yourself. 


The Lovers Tarot Card: Upright Meaning

The Lovers Tarot Card, when pulled upright, tells something a lot about an exciting event in your life in the field and passion and romance.

It seems that you possess the energy that will attract someone into your life which will happen shortly after your reading.

In addition, you may have qualities in a person you truly desire or an ideal type of relationship. Then, this is the time to contemplate and manifest it for a harmonious relationship. 


The Lovers Tarot Card: Reversed Meaning

Sadly, a breakup is ahead of you if the Lovers card is in reverse.

There may have been long-term miscommunication, dishonesty, and indifferences. Make a way to engage in honest conversations to resolve known and unknown issues.

Learn to decide and take responsibility for your choices. 


Our Advice

We are unsure if someone who comes into our lives is the one to stay or simply leave an impact.

Nevertheless, give it your all but with caution. And if you end up in a bad relationship, decide and own up to it.

Think of what is good for you without entertaining what other people think. This will give you a real shot at pure happiness in the future. Light a candle, pray, and everything will be just fine. 


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