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Happy Home Intention Candle

A Happy Home. It’s the dream we share, right? And while we can’t promise you this candle will give it to you (at least according to our lawyers), what good change in life hasn’t started with a powerful intention?

Happy Home smells of warming dark pomegranate. It's a soothing smell that's rich and spicy, with top notes that could only be described as positive. You'll love it.

We have crafted our new intention candles to be three things: Beautiful (obviously), amazing gifts or treats, and most of all - powerful self care tools.

Got a powerful intention burning inside? Burn it in candle form too. Available now in limited numbers.

Here are the facts:

  • Approx 35 hours burn time
  • Handmade exclusively by & for Witchy in Devon, UK
  • Cruelty free, vegan soy wax & perfume-grade fragrance
  • Really really lovely as a little self-care treat or gift, apparently

"I will purchase more as they will make lovely gifts" - Andrew James