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Witchy Tarot Candle of the Month


The Ace of Swords marks new beginnings and new energy. It is your sign of encouragement - to open your mind to new ideas, inspiration, visions and opportunities. 

Healing Crystals

To boost these energies, we've paired the Citrine and Aventurine. Together, these crystals will maximise your happiness and openness to exploration.


Scented like a flower in bloom, this candle has been curated to aid your growth this month.


Want to channel this energy next month too? Our refills boost burn time and allow for even more manifestation.

All refills come with a full candle, as pictured too. When your full candle is finished, just clean out the jar, and pop in your refill. It's an eco-friendly way to re-use your jars (and get your scented fix cheaper!).

At a glance:

  • Only natural, perfume-grade fragrance & wax
  • Includes 2x ethical crystals
  • Includes a card with the full design, plus more info about the card, scent, and crystals (perfect for gifting!)
  • 215g wax. 8cm wide by 9cm tall Italian glassware

Why you'll love it: