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Witchy's Love Bundle for Boosting Romance & Self-Love

Duo or Trio?
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Our top picks for boosting self-love & romance! Let the powerful mysteries of the Tarot guide and protect your heart with this bundle.
  • The Lovers is a card of love in three ways. Self-love (the most important), the warmth of giving love, and attracting love.

    Scented to feel like spending a night curled up by an open fire, with good (for you) company. Deeply sensual, with notes of spices, wood & florals in this aromatherapeutic blend.

    Healing Crystals

    Citrine & Rose Quartz picked themselves for The Lovers. Citrine for its undying sunshine positivity (we all need it sometimes), and Rose Quartz because, well, it’s the crystal of love.

  • The High Priestess signifies divine knowledge and wisdom. Her deep understanding of the universe helps to protect your heart during this turbulant time.

    Scented with citrus & basil oils, The High Priestess's fresh & fruity scent will put you at ease - no matter the situation.

    Healing Crystals

    Obsidian & Amethyst work together in magical unity to boost The High Priestess’ energies. Obsidian is the crystal of protection, and Amethyst keeps you calm and level-headed.

  • The Empress represents femininity & creation - of love, life, and business. It’s a reminder that your femininity is your power.

    Her scent is sweet, with hints of summer fruits - contrasted with pink peppercorns and musk. She's a therapeutic hit, blended to make you feel like the Queen you are.

    Healing Crystals

    Amethyst & Rose Quartz accompany The Empress to repair and channel your energy. Amethyst is the master healer, while Rose Quartz helps you work on your self-love.

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