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Witchy's Anxiety-Away Bundle for Dispelling Fear & Negative Energy

Duo or Trio?
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Our top picks for those needing a hand to clear away anxieties & bad vibes. Let the power of the Tarot guide your mind and boost your confidence.
  • The Moon represents all of our subconscious fears & beliefs bubbling to the surface. Blended to be exactly the influence you need.

    We blended the Moon to promote your fearless positivity - just what you need. Notes of pepper punch through its powerful base of sandalwood & amber natural oils.

    Healing Crystals

    Citrine & White Howlite work together to bring you positivity & fearlessness.

    Citrine is the most positive & happy crystal, while White Howlite is deeply relaxing and promotes your fearlessness.

  • The Sun is the card of positivity. It represents good fortune, joy, and harmony.

    Scented with the most sunshine scent we could create. Including notes of delicate florals & juicy pears. A scent to take you somewhere sunnier.

    Healing Crystals

    Amethyst & White Howlite are The Sun’s natural companions. Amethyst for its deeply relaxing properties, and White Howlite for the perspective it grants us. After all, isn’t happiness just perspective & relaxation?

  • The World is the final card of the Major Arcana, representing conclusions, changes, and the beginning of a new phase.

    We felt like The World needed an enchanted scent that leaves you excited. So we made it. Explore a forest of fresh fir, cedar, pine, and wildflowers, and imagine you’re there.

    Healing Crystals

    Tiger’s Eye & Citrine are here to support you during these endings & beginnings. Tiger’s Eye will help with self-insight, while Citrine will help you keep your head up & stay positive.

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