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Witchy's Positive Changes Bundle for New Beginnings & Optimism

Duo or Trio?
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  • The Moon represents all of our subconscious fears & beliefs bubbling to the surface. Blended to be exactly the influence you need.

    We blended the Moon to promote your fearless positivity - just what you need. Notes of pepper punch through its powerful base of sandalwood & amber natural oils.

    Healing Crystals

    Citrine & White Howlite work together to bring you positivity & fearlessness.

    Citrine is the most positive & happy crystal, while White Howlite is deeply relaxing and promotes your fearlessness.

  • The Death card symbolises transformation and new possibilities - it urges you to clear away old habits, and welcome in new opportunities and advantages.

    Such a heavy and meaningful card demands a soothing scent. A soft and sweet combo of sweet pea, rose and jasmine are supported by a base of warm vanilla and cedar to create this comforting scent.

    Healing Crystals

    Amethyst and Rose Quartz give you strength and peace to welcome in transformation. Together, both crystals promote will-power and boost personal growth.

  • The Star represents hope & faith in the future. It’s the perfect companion for life changes.

    We’ve created The Star’s scent to be a comforting luxurious dream. Her opulent notes of fig & vetiver work together to create a hopeful paradise, wherever you smell it.

    Healing Crystals

    Sodalite & Amethyst are perfect to guide you towards the hope & faith you need. Amethyst relaxes you, while Sodalite sharpens your intuition & helps you use your voice.

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