Ethical Black Tourmaline Healing Crystal for Protection, Grounding, and Balancing
Ethical Black Tourmaline Healing Crystal for Protection, Grounding, and Balancing

Ethical Black Tourmaline Healing Crystal for Protection, Grounding, and Balancing

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Black Tourmaline is an unusual healing crystal, found in dark shades of grey and black. Around here, we call it the Great Protector.

Its colour and origins allow for incredible protection for your soul, chakras, and mind. It can ground you, so you feel more connected to the here and now. 

We have spent a long time (probably too long!) selecting this Black Tourmaline, to ensure it is as powerful as possible, while also looking beautiful and interesting. 

These crystals are about 3-5cm big, compared to the standard 2-3cm. 

Each crystal is sold individually.

 Who are Witchy?

We are three people brought together with passion for spirituality, crystals, and Mother Earth. We grew uneasy with the use of underpaid and underaged workers in popular crystal mines, and the horrendous affect on the environment around them, and had to take action. We started Witchy to offer sustainably sourced and guilt-free spiritual and crystal items. By the Earth. For the Earth. 

Each order helps us donate heavily to charity and plant trees to offset the emissions we can't otherwise prevent. Any questions? Contact us!

Black Tourmaline's Healing Powers:

Feel Protected

Every day we come under attack. From negativity from a rude phone call, to way-too-personal feedback at work. It happens, and it can really get to us.

Black Tourmaline is the great protector. It shields you from negativity and attacks, leaving you free to enjoy your life.

Release Stress

Have I bought enough for Jenny's birthday? Will I hit this deadline on the work my boss asked me to do especially? Will I be let go because of downsizing at work?

Stress is hard to deal with, and it's everywhere these days. Let Black Tourmaline's legendary stress-busting energies help you out.

Get Grounded

It's easy to get wrapped up in life. Your stresses, worries, and anxieties can spiral around. It's like you're the captain of a sinking ship in your own sea of worry.

Black Tourmaline is an incredible grounding crystal. It gets you out of the spirals of worry, and sets you on dry land. You're here, now, ready to do what you need to do.

Choose Witchy & Join The Family:

Ethical Guilt-Free Crystals

With Witchy, you don't need to worry about where your crystals come from.

We ensure we source our crystals from ethical partners, meaning they don't use children, exploit workers, or destroy the environment.

Bigger, Higher Quality Crystals

Our standard crystals are 2-3x the size and purer quality than those sold by the UK's largest crystal shop.

You get crystals that are more powerful, and worth more.

Responsive & Helpful Customer Service

We are charged to 110% with crystal energy, and ready to help. From recommendations to shipping queries, you'll find us here from 9am to 5pm Mon-Sun (usually a lot more).

We have a love guarantee, so if you don't love something, tell us. We will make it right.