Ethical Aventurine Healing Crystal for Prosperity, Success, and Luck
Ethical Aventurine Healing Crystal for Prosperity, Success, and Luck
Beautiful green aventurine healing crystal from Witchy
Ethical Aventurine Healing Crystal for Prosperity, Success, and Luck

Ethical Aventurine Healing Crystal for Prosperity, Success, and Luck

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Aventurine is a beautiful green crystal, lovingly referred to as the "gambling" stone. Why? Because it's known to bring luck! 

Specifically, green Aventurine is known to bring prosperity, success, abundance, and luck to its owners.

We've chosen this Aventurine carefully for its deep earthly green. The very natural colour makes them feel very grounded to the earth, increasing the power.

These crystals are about 3-5cm big, compared to the standard 2-3cm. 

Each crystal is sold individually. 

Who are Witchy?

We are three people brought together with passion for spirituality, crystals, and Mother Earth. We grew uneasy with the use of underpaid and underaged workers in popular crystal mines, and the horrendous affect on the environment around them, and had to take action. We started Witchy to offer sustainably sourced and guilt-free spiritual and crystal items. By the Earth. For the Earth. 

Each order helps us donate heavily to charity and plant trees to offset the emissions we can't otherwise prevent. Any questions? Contact us!

Aventurine's Healing Powers:

Feel Lucky

Sometimes nothing goes our way. The job goes to someone else, someone has bought the last M&S meal deal you wanted, it's going to rain on your day off.

There's a reason Aventurine is known as the Gambler's Stone. It's because it's luckier than a four leaf clover. That's got to be worth keeping nearby?

Be Successful

We all have different ideas of what success is. It might be raising a healthy and happy child. It might be ruling the world. Or, maybe it's both.

But success is hard, and we need all the help we can get. Aventurine is a lucky stone that attracts success, and so is a worthy crystal to help you out.

Promote Prosperity

Money is like a ball. It's either rolling towards you, or away from you. For times when it's rolling away, Aventurine is worth having around.

Known as the Gambler's stone, it's lucky and is believed to bring prosperity and wealth to its owners.

Choose Witchy & Join The Family:

Ethical Guilt-Free Crystals

With Witchy, you don't need to worry about where your crystals come from.

We ensure we source our crystals from ethical partners, meaning they don't use children, exploit workers, or destroy the environment.

Bigger, Higher Quality Crystals

Our standard crystals are 2-3x the size and purer quality than those sold by the UK's largest crystal shop.

You get crystals that are more powerful, and worth more.

Responsive & Helpful Customer Service

We are charged to 110% with crystal energy, and ready to help. From recommendations to shipping queries, you'll find us here from 9am to 5pm Mon-Sun (usually a lot more).

We have a love guarantee, so if you don't love something, tell us. We will make it right.