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About Us: Our Story

The Short Story

Hi! We’re Witchy. We are a small business of three people. We make the best spiritual candles using the most ethical and good-for-the-world methods and materials we can find. You’ll find us at our office in Devon, or a tiny factory in the Netherlands.

The Full Witchy Story

Our founders had always loved crystals, right from collecting little ones dispensed from a machine at the local zoo as children, to more expensive(!!!) collections as adults.

But as time went on, our eyes opened. Crystals aren’t magiced into existence, or made in a factory. They come from the earth. They are, overwhelmingly, mined by people.

After days of obsessive research, we were shocked with how cruel so much of the crystal trade is. If we need to harm the earth and people to get our crystal fix, then forget it.

An idea struck. We spent months forming incredible relationships with even more incredible small miners, and Witchy was born.

Over the following whirlwind year, we became the go-to source for ethical spiritual supplies in the UK.

Then the eureka moment struck...

Why can’t we find wonderful, safe, environmentally friendly spiritual candles!?

Our research finds most “spiritual” candles on sale are unsafe, not environmentally friendly, or unethical. That goes against everything we stand for.

We read books about candles. Take courses. Consult experts. Make 100s to find the right scents, the cleanest burns, and for safety tests. We. Get. Obsessed.

Several months later, in late 2019, Witchy Scents were launched. They were an instant hit.

Today, we are a small business of 3 people, and we still can’t keep up with demand. Our small-batch and world-loving mentality might not make the most business sense, but we love what we do.

To this day, it still makes our day every time an order comes in. And it makes our whole week to find out how much our customers love our scented products!

We hope to post a special something to you soon!

Craig, and the Witchy team.