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Ethics and Sustainability

Let's start with the current state of the crystal market

Crystals are valuable. They are usually semi-precious gems. And yet, most crystal mines are in poor countries with low workers' rights and no environmental regulations. Worse, some are in former or current war zones.⁠

What does this mean for the ethics of crystals?⁠

It means that there ARE crystals that are mined by children. There are crystals mined by people getting horrific illnesses from the chemicals sometimes used. There are millions of litres of acid being used, destroying landscapes. ⁠

There are even bloody battles fought in the middle east by governments versus small mines to gain control of the mine, and therefore, the valuable crystals within.⁠

It's easy to see a shiny crystal and completely forget everything it's been through to get to your hands. But people and environments that may have been abused in the process of getting it out of the earth and into your hands won't forget.⁠

What can you do? What makes Witchy different?

Be careful. Look for ethical companies. Crystals can do good in communities, and build the wealth of impoverished regions. ⁠

This is why we have extremely strict criteria and only work with specific mines, factories, and suppliers that share our values, and where we can verify that independently. We're working to #StopBloodGems, and want you to join us.

If you have any questions at all about our ethics and crystals, please contact us. We're happy to transparently answer.

Let's change how we see crystals. Forever.⁠