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The Sun Crystal Diffuser

The Tarot card of positivity. And with complex sweet pear scents and Citrine crystals, who can argue? Our choice for a happy home, bursting with happiness and positivity.

Just like the much-loved candle, The Sun Diffuser captures the happiness of The Sun card perfectly.

Mass-production just isn’t very Witchy. We choose to lovingly handcraft diffusers in tiny batches with sustainable ingredients. When yours arrives, you’ll see (and smell!) why.


The Sun will take you back to the sweetest of summer days. An orchard in the heart of summer. The hour after dawn when the flowers are waking up.

Hints of apple, pear, summer flowers, and seductive complex undertones combine to add an uplifting note to your day.


Scents and crystals? It’s your lucky day. Each diffuser contains an average of 20 magical crystals to infuse the fragrance with energy.

The Sun’s ethical Citrine is thought to promote happiness and positivity throughout your home.

Key details:

  • Vegan and cruelty free
  • Contains av. 20 crystals
  • 3-4 months of fragrance
  • Large 150ml size
  • Perfume-grade fragrance, plant-derived carrier liquid
  • Designed, blended, and hand poured in the UK by Witchy

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