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Witchy's Luck Bundle for Attracting Opportunities & Abundance

Duo or Trio?
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  • The Sun is the card of positivity. It represents good fortune, joy, and harmony. It's the perfect candle to ensure optimism throughout your new journey.

    Scented with the most sunshine scent we could create. Including notes of delicate florals & juicy pears. A scent to take you somewhere sunnier.

    Healing Crystals

    Amethyst & White Howlite are The Sun’s natural companions. Amethyst for its deeply relaxing properties, and White Howlite for the perspective it grants us. After all, isn’t happiness just perspective & relaxation?

  • The World is the final card of the Major Arcana, representing conclusions, changes, and the beginning of a new phase.

    We felt like The World needed an enchanted scent that leaves you excited. So we made it. Explore a forest of fresh fir, cedar, pine, and wildflowers, and imagine you’re there.

    Healing Crystals

    Tiger’s Eye & Citrine are here to support you during these endings & beginnings. Tiger’s Eye will help with self-insight, while Citrine will help you keep your head up & stay positive.

  • The Fool is a card of new beginnings and potential. He doesn’t care about the challenges ahead because, right now, he’s just excited to start his new adventure.

    The Fool's scent is masculine, mysterious, and needs to be experienced to be believed. Spiced citrus notes sit upon a base of sandalwood, with a subtle musk permeating throughout.

    Healing Crystals

    Topped with Citrine and Aventurine for luck, this candle is blended to promote luck and open-mindedness.

    Aventurine is the ultimate stone to attract luck & abundance. It’s the perfect stone to channel the success you’re looking for. Citrine supports this by heightening your intuition and clarity.

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