Is The Moon a Yes or No Card? - Tarot Meanings

Pulling a tarot card in a deck has various interpretations, and one of the fascinating ones is if it is a "yes or no."

So let us start with The Moon Tarot Card!

Is the Moon Card a Yes or No Card?

The Moon Card is interpreted as a "NO".

It represents illusion, dreams, and intuition that indicate complex challenges are coming your way, which will arrive unannounced.

This card warns of deception. Things or people appear the way they aren't supposed to be. It urges you to take a break and tune in with your intuition to avoid making hasty decisions. 


What to do if you've pulled The Moon in a reading?

The challenges can be different, and you have to prepare yourself.

First, be wary of the people around you and even your emotions. Being honest with yourself and letting go of emotional baggage can help ease the feeling of fear and anxiousness that make you vulnerable.

Therefore, you'll gain confidence, live with who you are, know your capabilities, and attract the right people to be in your life. 


What if you pull The Moon REVERSED?

However, the Moon Card in reversed position is a "YES".

Your efforts and hardships will finally pay off. It indicates that you are on the right path and have what it takes to face challenges and eventually win them.

The card in reverse reminds you of your strengths and the things you can achieve further in life. 

Just remember that when in doubt, take time to meditate and connect even more with your inner self. Then, trust your intuition, and the rest will follow. 



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