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About Witchy

We do what we do for one reason: to improve lives. The feedback we get from our customers makes it clear that what we do is more than candles - it's about mindfulness, affirmation, and manifestation.

The powerful act of sending your desire into the universe, and seeing what comes back.

This unique position we find ourselves in, where we can acutally make a difference, is what keeps us loving what we do.

Our Story

From the past to the future.

When we started in 2019, everything was made in a kitchen. Within a few months, we just couldn't keep up. Then, as we all remember, lockdown happened. It was incredibly fulfiling to be able to send out so much happiness, joy, and comfort during this time.

After restrictions eased, we moved into our first industrial space to scale up production. It was tiny - basically a tiny table!

We grew hugely in 2020, and found ourselves facing being a big girl business. We took the leap, and moved into our current huge factory, big enough to keep up, finally!

Towards the end of 2021, we started looking differently at Witchy...

2022 has been a tumultious year so far. We re-launched with new branding and designs to a mixed response. We released shaped pillar candles - to a similar response.

A few months in to 2022, it was feeling difficult to keep going.

On one hand, it was harder than ever to feel passionate about our existing products, and on the other hand doing anything differently felt like we were letting down our existing customers.

In Summer, our slowest time, we decided to approach the problem head on. We shut down sales for a month, surveyed our customers, and had a lot of time to consider the future.

The result? A lot of clarity on what our customers really felt, and even more on how we felt.

We decided to push though and combine the feedback with our ideas, launching with beautiful boxes, a feedback-lead label design, and a lot (lot!) more in the pipeline.

Expect more limited editions, we'll say that much.

Meet the Witchy Coven

  • Craig

    I started Witchy in 2019 and ran it solo until Iona came & started helping create new products. Now we run it together & love being creative!

    Favourite candle: a parent can't pick their favourite child 😩

  • Iona

    I joined the team in 2020 - the first time you probably saw my work was when we launched Strength, The Empress, and The Moon!

    Favourite candle: Forever The Moon Tarot Candle

  • Hannah

    You'll speak to me when you have any questions about our products or your order. I like to think of myself as the Customer Happiness boss 😃

    Favourite candle: The new 222 Angel Number Candle!