Ethical Tiger's Eye Healing Crystal, for Perspective, Luck, And Directness

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Tiger Eye's Healing Powers

Gain Perspective
Do you ever get so focussed on something that it's the most important part of your life? And then a week later, you really don't know what all the fuss was about.

Tiger's Eye helps you get from the stress to perspective in record time. Gain perspective on your situation, and find out if it really is as important as you think.

Promote Luck
Luck isn't just winning the lottery. It's finding that parking space. Your kids getting into the right school. There being your favourite meal deal sandwich left at Sainsbury's.

Tiger's Eye helps promote luck with its mystical and ancient powers. Feel more lucky, and your stress drops.

Be Direct
"Err, I'm not sure about that. Oh whatever you want, don't worry" is a lot different to "No, that isn't what's best." - But it can be scary to actually say and mean.

Tiger's Eye helps you be direct and meaningful, with less of the worry and stress that comes with it. Leaving you able to communicate clearly, and avoid those frustrating moments where you have no control.

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