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The High Priestess Crystal Wax Melt

Meet Witchy Wax Melts. Everything you love about wax melts, but like you've never seen before.

Witchy Wax Melts take our internationally-loved Tarot Candle scents, and make them perfect for summer. 

Wonderfully strong scent, natural ingredients, and a hidden crystal in each one.

The High Priestess's Scent

The High Priestess has a complex and intriguing scent. Its initial hit is that of a basil-infused wood. But look deeper and you'll find notes of citrus fruits, and the rounded edges of dried orange peel.

We love wax melts because they are:

  • Easy to use. Just break a cube, pop in your wax melt burner, and enjoy strong scent
  • More highly scented, to fill your room even with windows or patio doors open
  • On-demand. No need to burn for a minimum 4 hours, they are truly scent on your terms.
  • Packed with natural ingredients and a beautiful crystal!

Long lasting - up to 60 hours. Natural wax. 80g each, excluding the crystal.