Original Crystal Candles

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Ethical crystals. Incredible vegan scents. Tarot-focussed intentions. Meet your new favourite candles.

Meet The Collection

The Lovers

Dark spice and sultry sweetness. Rose Quartz and Citrine. This baby pink candle is sure to get the romance and self-love flowing in your sacred space.

The Sun

The Tarot card of positivity. With sweet pear scents, Amethyst and Clear Quartz, who can argue? Our choice for a happy home.

The Star

The candle to face the future with hope & strength. Infused with subtle sage & sea winds, plus Amethyst & Pink Agate.

Loved by Spirit & Destiny Magazine

The UK's No.1 Spiritual Magazine

"A glorious candle for evoking summer days" - Spirit & Destiny

Every Detail, Crafted With Love

Guilt-free Crystals

We probably have something in common. We love crystals, and we love mother earth. So naturally, we only source ethical crystals from close suppliers.

Handmade With Love

Mass-production just isn’t very Witchy. We choose to lovingly handcraft candles in tiny batches with sustainable ingredients. When yours arrives, you’ll see (and smell!) why.


Whatever your beliefs, why harm animals in the pursuit of scent? Naturally, everything we use is cruelty-free. We're here for you, mother earth.

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