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Ethical Rose Quartz Healing Crystal for Love, Relationships, and Peace

Key Facts:

  • Powerful for attracting love and self-love;
  • Generous 3-5 cm size;
  • Premium pure quality, many times that of other shops;
  • Available exclusively from Witchy.

Rose Quartz's Healing Powers:

Attract New Love

Without love, life is less enjoyable. And yet so often we find ourselves in a position that we don't have enough of it, from friends or from lovers.

Rose Quartz is accepted as the best crystal for attracting new love, as well as strengthening the old.

Grow Personally

It can feel like we're stuck sometimes. No new hobbies, friends, or food. Same old, same old.

Rose Quartz has been used for thousands of years to promote personal growth. Its energies won't read that new book for you, but keep Rose Quartz near and feel yourself drawn to doing it!

Experience Self Love

Sometimes the root of all our problems is how much we love ourselves. We accept treatment that we think we deserve, and if we don't love ourselves, that can be horrible.

Rose Quartz helps you build your self love, and see how much you're really worth. (Hint: It's more than you think)

Choose Witchy & Join The Family:

Ethical Guilt-Free Crystals

With Witchy, you don't need to worry about where your crystals come from.

We ensure we source our crystals from ethical partners, meaning they don't use children, exploit workers, or destroy the environment.

Bigger, Higher Quality Crystals

Our standard crystals are 2-3x the size and purer quality than those sold by the UK's largest crystal shop.

You get crystals that are more powerful, and worth more.

Responsive & Helpful Customer Service

We are charged to 110% with crystal energy, and ready to help. From recommendations to shipping queries, you'll find us here from 9am to 5pm Mon-Sun (usually a lot more).

We have a love guarantee, so if you don't love something, tell us. We will make it right.