• The Lovers Tarot Aroma for Self-Love
  • The Lovers Tarot Aroma for Self-Love

The Lovers Tarot Aroma for Self-Love

Scented like Warm Orchids | Spicy fire | Rare Jasmine

The Lovers strengthens the three loves:

šŸ„° Self-love (you deserve it)
šŸ˜˜ Giving love, showing affection, emotional and physical intimacy
šŸ’Œ Receiving and attracting love - romantic, familial, or platonic

Key facts:

Witchy-exclusive scent
Lasts around 45 to 60 uses
10ml pure vegan scent
Handmade in the UK from ethical materials

Clean Fragrance

All our fragrances are vegan, cruelty-free, and formulated with industry clean standards. They are made without parabens, preservatives, phthalates, or synthetic dyes inside.

Lasting Power

Our aromas are formulated for optimal performance and long-lasting wear without being overwhelming. Everyoneā€™s threshold is different, but if you typically use 3 drops a day, 10ml should last you 1-2 months.

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The Witchy Difference

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