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  • The Tower Tarot Candle for Balance & Clarity
  • The Tower Tarot Candle for Balance & Clarity

The Tower Tarot Candle for Balance & Clarity

The Tower is a scene of chaos and destruction. It can be interpreted to mean sudden change and liberation — or danger and upheaval. This candle has been blended to balance a sudden surge of energy, to comfort you through the unexpected.

    Why choose The Tower?

    The Tower is perfect for:
    🔥 Dismantling the old
    👋 Releasing harmful energies
    🌳 Embracing new opportunities and beginnings

    The Tower holds the key to embracing the inevitability of change and finding strength amidst the chaos.

    This candle serves as a reminder that sometimes, it is through the breakdown of old patterns and beliefs that we discover our true strength and resilience.

    Topped with ethically-sourced Obsidian, The Tower candle protects you as you complete this chapter and move onto the next.


    Pure British-sourced soy wax and ring-sprung cotton wick.

    Contains: Coumarin*, Limonene*, Delta-Damascone

    *Found naturally in essential oils

    Shipping & Delivery

    Shipped worldwide from our Devon factory.

    • Free postage over £33
    • Easy returns
    • Happiness guaranteed
    • Made in small batches

    The Tower is our top pick for . . .

    • Navigating life's chaos

    • Releasing stagnant energies

    • Welcoming new beginnings and strengths

    The Tower's unreal scent includes

    • Vegan Honey

    • Amber & Dried Tobacco

    • Musk & Precious Woods

    What's included

    • 1x ethically-sourced Obsidian

    • 50 hours of burn time

    • 200g Net weight, 600g Total weight

    • Eco-friendly Soy wax

    • Vegan Dyes & Fragrances

    • Fully recyclable gift-ready packaging