3 ways to use candles in your Witchy practises

Candles are a popular tool among witches, and they can be used in a variety of ways in magic and ritual work.

Whether you are a seasoned practitioner or new to the craft, candles can be a powerful and versatile tool for enhancing your magical intentions.

Intention setting with candles

One way to use candles in your witchy practice is to set an intention for each candle you light.

This can be a specific goal or desire, or it can be a more general feeling or energy that you want to cultivate. For example, you might light a candle to bring about prosperity, or to provide protection for yourself or someone else.

As you light the candle, take a moment to focus on your intention and to visualize the desired outcome. You can also say a short prayer or affirmation to reinforce your intention.

Using candles with spells & ceremonies

Candles can also be used in more structured rituals, such as spells and ceremonies.

In these cases, the colors of the candles and the herbs or oils you use can be chosen to correspond with the specific energies and properties you want to invoke. For example, you might use a red candle to represent passion or energy, or a green candle to represent growth and abundance.

Using candles in divination

Candles can also be used for divination, either by studying the way a candle burns or by using candle scrying.

In candle scrying, you gaze into the flame of a candle and allow your mind to open to the messages and images that come to you. This can be a powerful way to receive guidance and insight, and can be especially useful when you are feeling stuck or uncertain.



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