London’s Best Psychic Tarot Readers: An Honest Review

Are you seeking guidance, clarity, or perhaps a glimpse into the unknown?

If you’re in London and in search of the best psychic, you’ve come to the right place. As an independent source, we’re gone through hundreds of listings to separate the questionable from the exceptional. 

In this article, we will explore the top psychics in London who have garnered a reputation for their accuracy, insight, and ability to connect with the spiritual realm. Of course, we’ve also looked at satisfaction - as no one wants a rude psychic no matter how accurate they are!

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Monica’s Full Psychic Tarot Reading

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Top Psychics in London

If you’re in London and searching for the best psychic, you’re in luck.

The city is home to a wide range of talented and renowned psychics who can offer valuable insights and guidance. In fact, our 1st choice (below) tells us that they do online readings mostly due to worldwide demand, from the US, and around the UK.

These gifted individuals have established a reputation for their exceptional abilities to connect with the spiritual realm and provide accurate readings.

Let’s dive into the details of some of the most highly recommended psychics in the city:

  1. Monica ( With over 10 years of experience, Monica Hoekstra is our most trusted psychic in London. We also recommend Monica in NYC. She is known for her ability to tap into her clients’ energy and provide accurate and insightful readings. Monica offers a range of readings including tarot card readings, birth charts, and spiritual guidance sessions, and accepts new clients daily. 
  2. Sebastian Croft (Enchanted Elysium Tarot Parlour): Sebastian is a seasoned tarot reader and spiritual advisor at the Enchanted Elysium Tarot Parlour, in Covent Garden. With a deep understanding of the mystical arts, Sebastian offers insights and guidance through tarot card readings, crystal divination, and intuitive energy work. While he dedicates most of his time to his loyal clientele, he occasionally opens his doors to newcomers seeking his unique talents.
  3. Jill Whitestone (Whitestone Insights): This fashion designer turned psychic works offers readings related to love and relationships. She is an initiated High Priestess, certified matchmaker, and self-proclaimed “guardian of hearts”. However, Jill’s availability is selective, as she dedicates much of her time to her demanding roles. Currently, she welcomes new clients only during the potent energy of Supermoons.
  4. Esme Brown (Mystic Moon Tarot & Tea House): Working out of Camden Market, Esme invites visitors to explore tarot and divination, through the medium of tea. Her intuitive tarot readings and tea leaf readings have garnered a following of devoted seekers. Esme is currently available for consultations in-person, given the nature of her tools.
  5. Jayne Wallace (Psychic Sisters): Jayne is one-half of the Psychic Sisters duo, who are known for their work in connecting people with their departed loved ones. Since 2021, the sisters have chosen to focus their energies primarily on their candle and crystal brand. While they do not currently accept new clients for readings, they continue to share spiritual insights via their social media.


Criteria for Selection

When looking for the best psychic in London, it’s crucial to consider a few key factors.

Here are the criteria we used to select the top psychics in the city:

  1. Accuracy: A skilled psychic has the ability to provide accurate readings and insights. They should be able to tap into your energy and the spiritual realm to provide you with valuable and reliable information.
  2. Experience: Experience is an essential factor when it comes to assessing the quality of a psychic. The best psychics in London have years of experience honing their skills and developing their intuitive abilities.
  3. Reputation: A psychic’s reputation is a reflection of their credibility and the satisfaction of their clients. We selected psychics who have an impeccable reputation for their accuracy, professionalism, and ethical standards.
  4. Range of Services: Different individuals have different needs when it comes to psychic readings. That’s why we considered psychics who offer a diverse range of services such as tarot card readings, love and relationship readings, career readings, birth charts, and spiritual guidance sessions. This ensures that you can find a psychic who can cater to your specific needs.
  5. Client Reviews: The feedback and testimonials from previous clients provide valuable insight into the psychic’s abilities and the quality of their readings. We took into account the positive feedback and rave reviews that these psychics have received from their satisfied clients.

These criteria were instrumental in selecting the top psychics in London, it’s important to remember that finding the best psychic for you ultimately depends on personal preference and your own intuition.


Trust your instincts and choose a psychic who resonates with you and makes you feel comfortable.


Psychic #1: Monica (

When it comes to finding the best psychic in London, it’s important to consider a variety of factors to ensure you have an extraordinary experience. One psychic who truly stands out is Monica, of Psychic Divine.

With her exceptional abilities and deep understanding of the spiritual realm, Monica has become a highly sought-after psychic in the city and beyond.

Her kind and gentle nature permeates from her easily-accessible email readings,


1. Accuracy and Intuition

Monica embodies the very essence of kindness, understanding, and unwavering support in the world of divination. With over a decade of experience, she has earned her rightful place as the first choice for seekers in pursuit of profound insights and spiritual guidance.

Monica has built an impeccable reputation for her accurate readings and intuitive insights. Her ability to tap into your energy and connect with the spirit world is truly remarkable.

Whether you’re seeking guidance on love, career, or personal growth, you can trust that Monica will provide you with precise and detailed information.


2. Experience and Expertise

With 10 years of experience in the field, Monica has honed her skills to perfection.

She has helped countless individuals navigate through life’s challenges and find clarity in their journey, and possesses a deep understanding of different psychic modalities and uses various tools, such as tarot cards, angel cards, oracle cards, crystals, and mediumship, to enhance her readings.

What truly sets her apart is not just her knack for providing precise and detailed information, but the depth of her kindness and understanding that accompanies every reading.

Her unique ability to tap into the energy of her clients and connect with the spiritual realm is nothing short of extraordinary, and has attracted thousands of clients both at home in London, and overseas.


3. Range of Services

Monica offers a wide range of services to cater to different needs and preferences. Whether you prefer a traditional psychic reading or want to explore past lives through a regression session, Monica has you covered.

One noteworthy highlight is Monica’s Full Psychic Tarot Reading, a unique experience rooted in dialogue rather than a one-sided conversation.

Clients are active participants in unraveling the mysteries of their cards, with the opportunity to ask up to three questions, receiving readings that directly respond to their deepest inquiries about love, career, destiny, and beyond.


Our favourite pick

Monica’s Full Psychic Tarot Reading

Ask up to 3 questions to receive a reading that responds directly to your deepest inquiries about love, career, destiny, and beyond.

Get yours now →



4. Client Reviews and Testimonials

With a staggering clientele of over 5,000 individuals currently, Monica’s compassionate guidance and precise predictions have earned her an abundance of praise and admiration.

Her client reviews and testimonials serve as a testament to her remarkable ability to provide exceptional psychic readings that not only impart insight but also instil a sense of comfort and empowerment.

Monica’s unfaltering kindness, understanding, and flexibility in offering online readings create a harmonious balance between the mystical and the modern. Her genuine care for her clients, coupled with her extraordinary talents, firmly establish her as the number one choice for those seeking profound spiritual insights and guidance in the heart of London.

Monica is more than a psychic to many; she is a friend and constantsource of inspiration.

Her unwavering dedication to uplifting and empowering those she serves has endeared her to the hearts of countless seekers, making her not only the top psychic in London but a cherished and trusted confidante for all who have had the privilege of crossing her path.



Keep reading to discover more about other remarkable psychics in the city who can help unlock the mysteries of the universe and provide you with profound insights into your life.




Psychic #2: Sebastian Croft

Sebastian Croft, a seasoned tarot reader and spiritual advisor, owns and works out of the Enchanted Elysium Tarot Parlour, nestled in the vibrant heart of Covent Garden. Possessing an intricate understanding of the metaphysical arts, Sebastian extends his talents through a range of offerings, including tarot card readings, crystal divination, and intuitive energy work.

His devotion primarily lies with his loyal clientele, yet he opens his doors, on occasion, to newcomers.


1. Accuracy and Intuition

Within the realm of psychic readings and tarot consultations, Sebastian Croft’s accuracy and intuitive abilities are distinctive and noteworthy.

With over 25 years experience, Sebastian has a deep connection with the tarot cards, and many clients have attested to the precision and relevance of his guidance.

What sets Sebastian apart is his genuine commitment to providing accurate and meaningful guidance to those who seek his services. He approaches each reading with a profound sense of responsibility, ensuring that the insights he imparts are as honest as possible.

His readings often reflect a candid and direct style, which some may describe as “blunt” in its unfiltered honesty.

For those who value straightforward and unvarnished advice, Sebastian Croft’s ability to cut through the complexities and deliver truth is a valuable and distinctive aspect of his practice.

2. Experience and Expertise

Sebastian’s years of experience in the mystical arts have cultivated a depth of expertise that can be appreciated by those seeking spiritual guidance.

Sebastian’s expertise in tarot readings is reflected throughout his Tarot Parlour, which features a library of books on tarot, divination, and metaphysical topics. You will also find displays of rare and antique tarot decks, which alone are worth a visit to this shop!

The Enchanted Elysium Tarot Parlour has garnered a dedicated following over the years, thanks in no small part to Sebastian’s ability to provide accurate and meaningful readings. Client testimonials reflect the trust that visitors place in his services, and the Parlour itself offers a welcoming and inclusive environment, making it accessible to both seasoned seekers and newcomers alike.

However, given the location, Sebastian’s readings are not easily reached if you live in the areas surrounding London, and he currently offers no online services.


3. Range of Services

Sebastian’s repertoire encompasses a diverse range of services to cater to the varying needs and preferences of his clientele.

From the traditional practice of tarot card readings to the mystique of crystal divination and the subtlety of intuitive energy work, he offers a comprehensive selection of options for seekers.

His ability to adapt his approach to individual client requirements showcases his versatility as a spiritual advisor.


4. Client Reviews and Testimonials

Sebastian has garnered a notable collection of client reviews and testimonials over the years. These reviews often highlight his skill in providing accurate and meaningful readings.

However, given his location, his offerings are not easily reached if you live around London.

As with all psychic readings, personal rapport and intuition play a crucial role in the overall experience, so individuals are encouraged to trust their instincts when seeking Sebastian’s guidance.





Psychic #3: Jill Whitestone

Jill Whitestone, a former fashion designer who has transitioned into the world of psychic practice, specialises in readings related to matters of love and relationships. Holding the title of an initiated High Priestess and a certified matchmaker, she proudly carries the mantle of “guardian of hearts.”

Jill’s availability is highly selective, owing to her commitment to demanding roles in her spiritual practice. Presently, she extends her services to new clients only during the potent energy of Supermoons.


1. Accuracy and Intuition

Jill’s unique perspective as a certified matchmaker allows her to tap into the intricacies of human connections. Clients who have sought her guidance frequently attest to the precision with which she interprets the energies surrounding matters of the heart.

Her intuitive approach resonates with individuals seeking clarity in their romantic lives. Her readings often delve deep into the emotions and dynamics at play, providing valuable insights into the complexities of love.

While personal experiences with any psychic can vary, Jill’s specialised focus on love and relationships makes her a distinctive choice for those in search of answers in matters of the heart.

2. Experience and Expertise

Jill’s journey from fashion designer to psychic highlights her unique fusion of creativity and spirituality.

Her years of experience in the world of fashion have equipped her with a keen understanding of human nature and the subtleties of personal relationships. As a result, she brings rich expertise to her practice, and is able to relate to individuals on a ground level.

Her unique background adds depth to her readings, allowing her to offer guidance that transcends the ordinary. Clients benefit from her ability to merge her intuitive insights with her knowledge of love dynamics, creating a holistic and comprehensive approach to relationship readings.


3. Range of Services

Jill’s services primarily revolve around matters of love and relationships, making her an ideal choice for individuals seeking clarity and guidance in this area.

While her specialisation is her strength, it’s important to note that her focus is selective, with offerings tailored to the intricacies of the heart.


4. Client Reviews and Testimonials

Client reviews for Jill often highlight her unique communication style, and her commitment to answering any questions or doubts through a deep reading. On average, her readings last around 50 minutes, for a 3 card reading, emphasising just how detailed her readings can be.

For those who prioritise clarity and insight in their romantic lives, Jill’s expertise makes her a compelling choice. However, it’s important to keep in mind that her availability is extremely limited, and she extends her services selectively during Supermoons, so planning ahead is advisable for those seeking her unique insights.




Psychic #4: Esme Brown

Within Camden Market, Esme Brown invites visitors to embark on a unique journey of self-discovery and divination, seamlessly merging the world of tarot with the soothing art of tea.

Through her intuitive tarot readings and tea leaf interpretations, Esme has cultivated a devoted following of seekers who embrace her distinct approach.

Currently, Esme is available for in-person consultations, aligning with the nature of her mystical tools.


1. Accuracy and Intuition

Esme’s readings are guided by tea leaf divination, which is a form of divination or fortune-telling in which the patterns and shapes formed by tea leaves at the bottom of a teacup are interpreted to gain insights into the future or receive guidance.

It is an ancient practice with roots in various cultures, including Chinese, Middle Eastern, and European traditions.

Esme’s ability to blend the tea leaf divination with the symbolism of tarot cards offers a unique and immersive experience. Clients often express awe at the precision and relevance of her readings, finding that they provide valuable guidance and clarity.

Esme’s approach carries a certain warmth and empathy, fostering a sense of comfort and connection during her sessions.

2. Experience and Expertise

Drawing from her years of practice, Esme offers clients a blend of tradition and innovation.

Her approach carries a certain warmth and empathy, fostering a sense of comfort and connection during her sessions. Esme’s kind and compassionate nature shines through as she welcomes each seeker into her space. Her ability to truly understand and empathise with her clients’ questions, concerns, and emotions fosters an immediate sense of trust and ease.

Whether a client is seeking guidance on matters of the heart, career, or personal growth, Esme approaches each session with a heartwarming sincerity that goes beyond the conventional reader-client dynamic.


3. Range of Services

Esme’s offerings revolve around the immersive combination of tarot and tea leaf readings, creating a holistic experience that invites seekers to explore their inner worlds while sipping on soothing brews.

Her dedication to these specific divination tools ensures a specialised focus on the insights they provide.


4. Client Reviews and Testimonials

Esme’s clients often share their admiration for her unique approach and the accuracy of her readings. Many have praised her ability to create a serene and comforting atmosphere during consultations.

Her fusion of tarot and tea leaf readings, as well as her intuitive gifts, resonates deeply with those who seek her services.

For individuals seeking a divination experience that blends tradition with innovation, Mystic Moon Tarot & Tea House offers a distinctive and immersive journey, which has garnered a devoted following of seekers who value her unique insights and comforting presence.



Psychic #5: Jayne Wallace

While searching for a reliable psychic in London, it’s essential to explore various options to find the right fit for your needs. One psychic worth mentioning is Jayne of Psychic Sisters. However, please note that Jayne has transitioned her focus towards her candle and crystal brand and is not currently accepting new clients for readings.


1. Accuracy and Intuition

Evaluating Jayne’s accuracy and intuition presents a unique challenge due to her recent shift away from personal readings. As a result, her current ability to provide precise psychic insights is uncertain.

It’s crucial to acknowledge that clients seeking psychic guidance often rely on the practitioner’s demonstrated accuracy and intuitive connection to provide meaningful and insightful readings. Given Jayne’s current focus on her brand, potential clients may want to explore other psychics in the London area who continue to specialise in personal readings and consultations to ensure they receive the level of accuracy and intuition they seek for their spiritual inquiries.

2. Experience and Expertise

Jayne’s experience as a psychic cannot be denied, having established herself in the field in the past. Her past clients include famous-faced such as Rita Ora and Charlotte Tilbury, as well as a cohort of long-term fans who have used Jayne’s services for years.

As mentioned, her expertise has taken a significant shift towards other aspects of the metaphysical realm, and her journey reflects a deliberate exploration of different facets within this field. While her psychic experience undoubtedly contributes to her understanding of spirituality and metaphysics, her current endeavours may not align with individuals seeking traditional psychic services.

That being said, the Psychic Sisters brand offers a wide range of tools including crystals, candles, incense, and more, that can be used to open your space for positive energy channelling.


3. Range of Services

Jayne’s shift away from personal readings has resulted in her no longer offering a range of psychic services to clients. This change means that individuals looking for specific psychic insights through traditional methods may need to adjust their search accordingly.


4. Client Reviews and Testimonials

In the past, Jayne may have garnered positive client reviews and testimonials for her psychic services. These reviews could attest to her previous ability to provide accurate and insightful readings, along with her compassionate guidance.

However, it’s vital to recognise that these reviews and testimonials may primarily pertain to her earlier work as a psychic.

Given her transition towards other ventures, the relevance of these reviews to her current focus may be limited.



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