The Moon Tarot Card: What Does It Means for Your Future?


The Moon Tarot card signifies dreams and intuitions or illusion and deception. It has different interpretations in many aspects.

But what does it mean for your future? 


 The Moon Tarot Card: Upright

The Upright Moon Tarot Card signals a time for creativity. You may have emotions sleeping in your subconscious that wish to be expressed, which is best expressed artistically.

So may it be music, arts, and more of the sort. But, as the moon also means illusion, be careful not to be led to the shadow side. 


The Moon Tarot Card: Reversed

The Reversed Tarot Card in the Future warns you of deceit or betrayal.

Be vigilant of deceptions around you while working on your artistic project. Someone may be trying to distract you from achieving your goals. In reverse, The Moon card indicates negative energies that can awaken darkness in your soul.

Moving forward, see through the illusions, listen to the warning signs, and never lose yourself during the process. 


Our Advice

As you find yourself through creativity, embrace it and see a person you never thought to be.

Then, to achieve your goals, be mindful of the people around you and their intentions.

Finally, connect with your inner self and the universe while lighting a relaxing candle in a quiet space when stressed about everything around you. 



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