The Sun Tarot Card: Meaning, Reversed & Upright

Seeing the Sun on the horizon as it chases the night signals life, a new morning, another day, and a new beginning.

It doesn’t just illuminate the Earth but all the planets in our solar system. It represents clarity, power, and energy. It presents positivity, optimism, and fulfilment.

With this appearing in a Tarot reading, there is no doubt that you are on the right track. You are too blessed, and everything will be alright.

For The Sun represents joy and optimism, and you are reminded to look at the good and the light on the darkest nights. The Sun always rises again to bring light and hope. 


What does The Sun Card mean in Tarot?

In Tarot, The Sun is the nineteenth trump or Major Arcana card.

The Sun in the sky represents the source of life and energy. The naked child playing in the foreground symbolises purity, innocence, happiness, and freedom of being yourself. And the white horse represents strength and integrity. 

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Upside Sun Tarot Card Meaning

The Upright Sun Card represents success, joy, radiance, and abundance. If you happen to pull one, happiness is coming your way.

You may have fulfilled a part of a plan in your life. That inspires others with your success, making them more motivated to achieve theirs.

You amplify warm and positive energy that touches the lives of others, especially the ones you care about and love most. 

This card also indicates that lies and deceit will soon fade as it lights to reveal the truth.

For example, you might be stuck in a misunderstanding or a situation where you can’t prove yourself innocent. These circumstances will melt away, and you will slowly feel relief. 

Reversed Sun Tarot Card Meaning

The Sun is a never-ending source of light and energy.

However, in a reversed Sun card, it may be temporarily dim because of difficulties. Instead of radiating your warmth, you may feel sluggish, bored, or stagnant.

You may have repetitive tasks or routines, feeling uninspired to do things. These hinder your power and confidence and eventually cause failures that plant pessimism in you. 

This card may also remind you of being overly optimistic about unrealistic things. This serves as a reminder to clear your mind once again. Work on getting yourself back on track before your light completely fades. 


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