The Lovers Tarot Card: Its Meaning, Reversed & Upright

Love makes the world go round and might also be why you want to know your future in love or need help in decision-making.

And pulling out a Lovers Tarot Card from a deck has a broad meaning. 


The Lovers in the Tarot deck

The Love Tarot Card is the sixth Major Arcana in traditional deck cards.

It represents meaningful connections and relationships and is also a sign of knowing yourself more intimately.

In this card stands a naked man and woman beneath Angel Raphael. As his name means God heals, it represents emotional and physical healing. They are blessed by the angel and seem secure, happy, and safe in the Garden of Eden.

An apple tree with a snake behind the woman in this card is relevant to Eve. This signifies temptations of sensual pleasures. It represents humans succumbing to temptation, thus entering the realm of sensuality and leaving the Divine.

While behind the man is the tree of twelve flames representing a man's passion and the twelve zodiac signs that symbolise time and eternity. 

The man looks straight at the woman, who gazes at the angel.

This represents a path from the conscious to the subconscious to the super-conscious or from physical to emotional desires to spiritual concerns.

The rather phallic volcano in the background symbolises the possible eruption of emotion, passion, and desire that a man and a woman will feel in full-frontal nudity. 

The Lovers Card Meaning when Upright

When pulled upright, the Lovers card shows a couple's trust, affection, compassion, harmony, and unity.

The divine connection and sacred energy between a man and a woman cause them to go beyond the boundaries such as lust or sexual materialism.

This signals a person to be open and honest to the people they love. You should build a relationship with a strong foundation of love, trust, and respect. 

The Lovers Card upright also revolves around choices. It may be a time to choose who you want to be and what you will stand for.

But to do so, you must connect to your inner self and deeply understand your values. 

The Lovers Card Meaning in Reverse

As the Lovers Card signifies love and harmony, the reversed card represents discord or an out-of-sync relationship.

You may also be in a divided situation or struggling to own your decisions, causing you self-conflict. For instance, you and your partner may have been in repeated arguments and left unresolved, or you both have busy schedules that spending time together is merely impossible.

These are little situations that become massive when they accumulate giving you emotional stress.

If you are single, the same situation can happen with the people around you or the ones you care for. 

Our Advice

If you have made mistakes that caused disarray in your life, don't blame it on the universe; instead, face the consequences and do something to move forward from the situation you are in.

This way, you'll understand yourself deeper and learn not to repeat the same mistakes in the future.

After every stress, learn to rehabilitate your mind and release tension by simply lighting a candle, deep breathing, and meditating. 


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