The Moon Tarot: Its Meaning for Love, Relationships & Family

As the moon symbolises light and energy, in a Tarot reading, it represents confusion, illusion, anxiety, and fear.

The Moon Tarot Card turning up in your reading will have different meanings when upright or reversed.

It is best to understand what they mean as your guide, and you'll know how to handle situations you are bothered with that need resolution. And if it is about love, there may be miscommunication in your relationship. 

The Moon Tarot Card: Upright

Meaning for Love and your Relationships

In a relationship, you may look perfect as a couple on the outside but hide insecurities and uncertainties.

The Moon Tarot card tells you of deception or misunderstanding in your relationship that causes arguments and growing apart.

You may get anxious about what to do but remember to stay calm and communicate. If you are single, pay attention to the person who shows you interest if their intention is pure.

The Moon Tarot Upright reminds you of a missing piece of information yet to unfold. 

The Moon Tarot Card: Reversed

Meaning for Love and your Relationships

If the Moon Tarot Upright warns you of deceit, the Moon Tarot Reversed unveils.

If you are in a relationship, an affair or revelation of true feelings is exposed. Your relationship is coming to light. You may have deceived yourself to be sure of your partner or made yourself believe it is love you felt.

If you are single, the reversed card tells you that uncertainties after finally realising the truth about the person you are dating. 

Our Advice

Fear of uncertainties and illusions in a relationship needs communication that will lead you to a path of rekindling.

However, if you feel that your relationship is challenging to resolve after trying, connect with your inner self and decide on what will give you genuine happiness. Then, give yourself a break and meditate.




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