Is The Sun a Yes or No Card? - Tarot Meanings

As the Sun Card represents light, joy, and abundance, many think that it always means positive.

However, the two answers differ in their position: Upright and Reversed.

If you are curious if the Sun Card is a"Yes or No," card, read on!

Is the Sun Card a Yes or No?

When pulled upright, it is a beautiful and positive card that symbolises manifestation, potential, productivity, joy, and abundance.

Pulling this card indicates that you are on the correct path of personal development. Pulled The Sun with it's night-time counterpart? The Moon Card Upright reading shows further inspiration and motivation.

Incredible things are ahead of you. Put your best foot forward to achieve promising results. 


What is The Sun's meaning in this context?

The Sun Card is a clear sign of encouragement for you to continue thriving, as everything is not permanent.

If you focus on self-growth, you can unravel your hidden capabilities and talents. It also indicates reassurance that the right people surround you.

Your friends - especially your family - have your back whenever you are at a loss. You need not be afraid to reach out to them for support. 

With all these happening, you have immense energy to make everything happen, and it can even resonate with the people around you.

You can amplify it through manifesting daily. Find a peaceful corner, light a candle, and speak to the universe to work in its magical ways. 


What if you pull the card REVERSED?

In reverse, The Sun Card, unfortunately, means the reverse as well. It is the loss of everything the upright Sun card indicates.

It indicates a lack of happiness and clarity in your life.

You may have felt down and worthless, but the universe will help you overcome these negativities. It seems that your inner light is dimming, that the card is sending you hints to start focusing on your spiritual health.

You should also pay attention to those around you that cause you to lose your light and inspiration.

Just continue finding yourself and getting back up.

You will realise that you are taking the right path when you feel genuine happiness that resonates with others. 



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