Ethical Citrine Healing Crystal for Cleansing, Warmth, and Energy

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Citrine's Healing Powers

Feel Happier
Are you in a place where you feel that a little boost of happiness would be welcome? Perhaps you're experiencing more bad than good? We've all been there.

Citrine helps promote happiness with its powerful energies.

Feel Energetic
We can all find ourselves feeling under the weather sometimes. Getting up in the morning is a struggle, and maybe you feel like you're dragging yourself around all day.

Citrine is known as the crystal of the sun, and helps promote abundant energy. Less hyper toddler, more one of those people who seem to never need to stop!

Experience Warmth
Sometimes life can feel cold. Strangers can be unkind, and there can just not be enough warm softness from people around you.

As the crystal of the sun, Citrine helps soften the hard edges of daily worries and interactions. It fills you with warmth, counteracting the cold feelings you may have.

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