The High Priestess Tarot card: Its Meaning for Your Future, Feelings & More

As the High Priestess signifies mystery and intuition, it tells us that we are not meant to know the future.

If you are in a relationship and may wonder if you and your partner will end up in marriage, the future card indicates that you are not supposed to know the outcome.

Instead, it advises you to work on the situation on your own and trust your intuition.

The High Priestess Tarot Card: Upright Meaning

As the High Priestess Tarot Card is about mystery, the tarot card in the future also indicates that it is indeed a mystery.

You might feel stuck not getting advice for the future, but the upright High Priestess Tarot Card reminds you to work on the situation on your own.

You may be faced with a big decision in the future. Pay attention to your dreams that may have shown signs of guidance, and listen to your intuition as challenges arise. 

The High Priestess Tarot Card: Reversed Meaning

The High Priestess, in reverse, warns you of conflicts with the people around you.

Unfortunately, these may soon arise upon pulling out the card.

It may happen in the coming weeks or months. For instance, you may get backstabbed, or someone may be dishonest with you. 

Our Advice

As the High Priestess Tarot Card holds no definite answers to the future, it reminds us to watch out for the signs, trust our instincts, and be mindful of every situation we are in.

Be careful who we trust, and work on every setback with confidence.

Never forget that you can always reach deep into your inner self when in doubt.

Light a candle, slowly close your eyes, and relax your mind. Keep calm as the future reveals itself in time. 


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