The Sun Tarot Card: What It Means for Love, Family & Your Relationships

As the Sun Tarot Card denotes happiness, fulfilment, energy, and success, it means passion and joy in all aspects of life.

It also has different meanings when pulled upright or reverse. Understanding them will guide you in your love life. 


The Sun Tarot: Upright Meaning

The upright Sun Tarot Card tells about happiness and love if you are in a relationship.

Both people have positivity, radiance, and a feeling of security. This harmony resonates with your close loved ones.

On the other hand, you may be in an excellent state if you are single. That makes you radiant, making it the best time to shine and attract your dream romance. 

The Sun Tarot: Reversed Meaning

The sun may be blocked by clouds, thus, making your relationship adrift.

Career, busy schedule, distance, and even lack of effort can cause the connection to drift apart. The Sun Card reversed reminds you to have more quality time with your partner and rekindle to bring the spark you first had. 

If you are single, you may have been neglecting the people caring for you due to circumstances. The card reminds you to reconnect with yourself so you can do the same for those around you. 

Our Advice

Love is power with the Sun tarot card.

It makes you radiant, which you should embrace. Cherish your love and share it genuinely with the people you care for.

However, if you feel like love is dimming, make a way to make it spark once again by putting more effort and being true to your feelings. Never be afraid to express what you feel. 



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