The Moon Tarot Card: Meaning, Reversed & Upright

The Moon is a beauty, indeed.

It owns the night sky that many people like you and me praise as it shines. We also believe in its power to cleanse articles or trinkets as it symbolises nature, cleansing, and energy.

But it’s not all about the energy. The waxing and waning depict constant change. As in the human realm, it points to instability, having a gullible mind, and wavering resolve.

So often, many people turn to the Moon for guidance and luck with tarot cards to see what the future has; we better know what the Moon Tarot card means if we have pulled out one. 


The Moon: Its Meaning in the Tarot Deck

The Moon is the eighteenth trump card or Major Arcana card in a Tarot deck.

The card shows the full Moon in a clear night sky, illuminating the path between two towers.

Farther from the towers is a grassy field with a dog and wolf howling to the mean, representing the calm and wild aspects of the mind.

Lastly, a crayfish crawls out of the water, symbolising the early stages of consciousness unraveling. 

The Moon symbolises dreams, intuition, and the deep unconscious. There are two outcomes once it is pulled. The Moon Upright, and the Moon Reversed. 

The Moon Upright

Pulling a moon upright means you have illusions, deceptions, and fears of the present and future.

Past experiences or painful memories may be hunting you, causing distress.

So you try hard to forget them and suppress your emotions, burying them deep into your subconscious. Maybe, this time, something triggers your pain, causing them to reappear. 

The Moon Card reminds you to embrace change and life transitions. Rather than dwelling in fear and resistance, you should accept life and learn how to face every trial. 

The Moon Reversed

The Moon upright symbolises that you are in the process of dealing with the emotions that kept you from moving on and embracing life.

Your fears and anxiety are subsiding. You will slowly break free from the limitations. Eventually, get liberation and transformation. 

You might be receiving intuitive messages that are perplexing and may be misinterpreted.

The Moon (reversed) also reminds you to reach deep down and listen to your inner voice. Turn into your inner guidance and hear answers that will take you on the right path.



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