Is The High Priestess a Yes or No Card? - Tarot Meanings

The High Priestess Tarot Card is indeed one of the most mysterious tarot cards in a tarot reading.

It signifies intuition, inner knowledge, wisdom, and sensuality. It is about puzzles and secrets but guided by common sense.

Pulling the High Priestess card in a "Yes or No" reading is quite challenging, and it is different for upright and reversed positions.


So Is the High Priestess Tarot Card a Yes or No? - Upright Meaning


The High Priestess Tarot Card is undoubtedly a "YES" card.

It may be a mysterious card, but it represents intuition, wisdom, and inner knowledge. It hints a success and encourages you to be true to yourself and follow your intuition.

The Upright High Priestess Tarot Card confirms your questions and dares you to step into the unknown by following your inner voice to your divine intuition.

Whatever plans you may have, you can finally proceed. Just be sure you have good intentions, and your actions will bring happiness to yourself and the people you love. 


What if You Pull The High Priestess reversed? - Reverse Meaning


On the other hand, the Reversed High Priestess Tarot Card is a "NO".

As the High Priestess Card means following your intuition, it indicates a blockage hindering you from pursuing it in the reversed position.

During this time, your judgments may be clouded by what people say and how they react.

You may also have inner conflicts that disable your connection with your intuition.

The reversed card reminds you to focus solely on yourself and nobody else. Spending time in nature and meditating in a quiet candle-lit room can help you calm down and reconnect with your inner self.

Finally, you can generate inspiration and get back on track. 


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