The High Priestess Tarot card: Its Meaning in Love, Family & Relationships

Being in a relationship, may it be happy or not, you wonder what your current situation means.

If you seem to have no one to ask for advice, a Tarot reading can serve as one.

And pulling a High Priestess Tarot Card has a lot to say when upright or reversed. 

Upright - The High Priestess Tarot Card Meaning for Love & Relationships

When pulled upright, the High Priestess Tarot Card for love signifies intuition and spiritual connection in the divine feminine and masculine.

It also represents the unconscious change in one's emotional state, such as hidden intense emotions that rage into a great passion. If not careful, you may waste energy if you are not wary of the people with whom you share them.

Make sure that the energy you resonate with a person has a power that will balance your life and not use yours for their benefit.

Reversed - The High Priestess Tarot Card Meaning for Love & Relationships

The High Priestess tarot card in reverse warns of an ending relationship.

It may be full of tension and uncontrollable emotional outbursts that hurt both parties. Communication and self-expression no longer solve the issues.

The pain and fear you feel may have caused you to disconnect and forget your inner voice. 

Our Advice

Love and relationships are different for everyone, but being true to yourself and the other is paramount.

Take a break if you believe you are stuck, and everything is too much to handle.

Light a candle, close your eyes and communicate with the inner voice of your divine intuition. 


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